Home Warranty Takes the Worry out of Home Ownership

A home warranty can protect you from unplanned expenses when purchasing or selling a home - especially when you don’t know the reliability of the major appliances or home systems. To help bring peace of mind, Great East Home Warranty provide customers with the appropriate coverage for protecting their homes or their future homes at an affordable cost.

What is a Home Warranty?

A home warranty is an annual service contract covering the repair or replacement costs of the mechanical breakdown of specific systems and appliances in your home. As you prepare to sell your home or in the process of purchasing one, a home warranty provides a financial safety net to help give you peace of mind regarding unexpected home repairs.


Imagine you have just moved into the home of your dreams, boxes are all unpacked, you have settled into your routine, and a few months in your water tank springs a leak. Without a home warranty, you are likely faced with expensive out-of-pocket repair or replacement costs.


Average Repair: $950

Average Replacement: $2,000

Air Conditioning

Average Repair: $1,350

Average Replacement: $2,700


Average Repair: $325

Average Replacement: $1,200


Average Repair: $250

Average Replacement: $650

Oven / Range

Average Repair: $285

Average Replacement: $1050

Washer / Dryer

Average Repair: $300

Average Replacement: $750

Water Heater

Average Repair: $320

Average Replacement: $950


Average Repair: $585


Average Repair: $345

When is the Best Time to Purchase a Home Warranty?

Buying a Home

Selling a Home

In today’s competitive market home buyers are faced with some non-traditional approaches to purchasing a home. Some buyers are waiving inspections, inspection contingencies or making offers sight unseen.  Others are taking a more traditional buying path. Whichever path you choose, a home warranty is a great safety net. With several coverage choices available, a home warranty will give you peace of mind at a time when unexpected expenses are usually least affordable.

A home warranty adds value to the home, making it more attractive to buyers. With a warranty, you and the home buyer get the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected from unexpected, costly repairs. By adding a home warranty to your home as you are getting ready to sell, can make it more appealing to buyers, which can in turn reduce your selling time.

What are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

The benefits of a Great East Home Warranty plan far outweigh the costs:

  • Provides added home protection from costly repairs or replacement

  • The convenience of one call, one small service fee, and prompt response

  • Most major systems and appliances covered under the standard plan

  • Provides ongoing home protection — renewable year after year!

  • Superior customer service

  • Quick, efficient response time

Which Plan is Right for you?

Whether you are in the market for a new home or selling your existing one, a home warranty is an excellent way to protect you from unexpected breakdowns.

Ask your agent if a home warranty makes sense for you.

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